Posted by: Angela W. | November 3, 2009

What would Alice’s feet do?

At the beginning of Chapter two, Alice is growing taller and becoming further away from her feet. She tells herself that she must be nice to her feet in order for them to go the way she wants them to. She is speaking like her feet control her path, which technically they do, but actually your brain controls your thought of where you would like to go. It seems as if Alice is sort of losing her sense of reality at this point in time. We can’t blame her due to the fact that she has fallen down a deep rabbit hole which leads to a mysterious room and she keeps going through transformations of height.  This is not realistic, so how could she think about the real world, when really she should be thinking about “out-of-the-way things?”

When Alice is worried about her feet not going in the direction she desires, I find it interesting because how does Alice know where she wants to go? She is in a rabbit hole and has no idea what is going on or where to go. Carroll might be suggesting another ‘adult’ like trait, in which resembling a sense of direction and calmness. But the truth is, she is a young girl who has no idea where she is or where to go. Where would Alice’s feet go if she had no control?



  1. I love this point of yours: “Carroll might be suggesting another ‘adult’ like trait, in which resembling a sense of direction and calmness. But the truth is, she is a young girl who has no idea where she is or where to go.”

  2. Interesting how you talk about her feet controlling her not her brain. I never looked at it that way. A I commented on Colton’s blog post earlier, Alice is losing her sense of reality, but it might be for a reason. For Alice to enjoy wonderland she needs to lose sense of reality. The reason why she still thinks about reality is because that is what she is used to.

    I don’t know where Alice’s feet would go, but I can say they would go somewhere very whacky in Wonderland.

    • Like you, Alex, this was a very new way for me to see Alice and the story. Can’t ‘un-think’ it either. And I’m smiling at your last line, too.

  3. As the story continues Alice questions herself and how realistic the actions and animals around her really are. Brittany M. states the same thing in her blog titled pool of consequences. This being said, as a reader expects more and more bizarre things to occur. I found Charles diction in this scene to be very interesting. This scene also flooded my brain with thoughts and questions. One of my questions is why would Charles choose her feet out of all the body parts he could of emphasized on? I agree with you when you say that Alice is losing her sense of reality. Her new environment is so new that everything she was taught before is close to worthless in this new world. Therefore she is slowly forgetting what was taught when she was in a world of what we would call reality and receiving a new definition of reality for this new world she is in.
    Alice’s calmness surprises me because I know if I was in her situation I might have the same reactions as her which were curious and adventurous, but she has been in this new land for so long that I would start to be terrified and want to find a way out.

    • Fantastic reply in terms of here “new definition of reality”.

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