Posted by: Derek_M | December 2, 2009

Cover It Live Chat: Our Favorite Things


To see our chat on cover it live click on the following link:
The Best of Wonderland

We covered the Following Topics:

1) Our favorite characters

2) Our favorite Chapter

3) The most memorable part of the process

Thanks for reading our very deep and revealing conversation. We would enjoy some responses to our ideas. Thanks.

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  1. Kyle, you wrote “While the process isn’t quite over with, I predict that the aspect of this project that I’ll carry with me the longest is the fact that people around the world will have access to our work. It makes the project feel less like an assignment and more like a service; the prospect of people venturing to our site seeking knowledge of the story, and hopefully understanding the text better has been largely the driving force behind my contributions.”

    One of the wonderful things about blogging about what you read/write/think is that you can share your ideas with others beyond the four walls of your classroom, and in turn gain ideas from outside of those walls.

    IT can become a mutual learning experience!

    Thanks for sharing your discussions!

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