Posted by: Derek_M | December 2, 2009

Peppered Bacon. The Reality of Chapter 6

Pigs and Pepper. An interesting title is found in chapter six in reference to some of the most interesting subjects of Wonderland. A child turning into a pig is definitely a controversial matter.

As Chapter Six goes along, Alice finds herself in the Duchess’ house. The real idiosyncrasy that is found in chapter six is the fact that the Duchess is a very rude company to keep. She is very crude in her remarks to Alice. Her focus is on her never satisfied ‘child’. Her child eats like a pig and paradoxically, the child ends up turning into a pig.

My focus on this chapter is the effect substances have on people and their moods. When the Duchess is introduced in the presence of pepper she is very rude, whereas in chapter nine she is very sweet and motherly when she is in the absence of pepper. This difference in personalities can be confusing, especially to Alice. It is definitely something to consider how any substance or absence of something can easily influence someone’s personality. Carroll seems to be juggling the effects of various substances on people’s personalities or moods. From the ‘drug’ references to the mad tea party, consumption is constantly reviewed throughout Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I cannot imagine all of those instances to be coincidences.  What the real question here is what Carroll is trying to accomplish with all of these references. Some may say that he is supporting all of these ideas, however I believe that he is revealing the atrocities that can be committed in this world and to pass them with caution. His entire book is a path that a little girl follows to meet all of these strange traditions and beliefs. Maybe, Carroll is simply relating all of these ‘insane’ ideas to the real world and what Alice will run into on her treacherous game of life.

Primary examples can be found in my blog What Ever Happened to the Duchess?. It may more appropriately display some of my views with a concrete example from chapter nine.

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  1. Thank you for your comments.

    Erin: Thank you for realizing the mood swings. That was my main argument for the blog. The drug references are also very commonly found. Thanks for noticing.

    Adam: I agree, the video is definitely hilarious. That was my main intent for posting the video. It also has some visual effects for those who need to be able to visualize the scene for themselves.

  2. It is interesting how the Duchess changes moods. Then in chapter nine she makes the remark that people’s moods are affected by certain foods. She says, “pepper makes people hot tempered and vinegar makes them sour–and camomile that makes them sweet..” and so forth. Why did Carroll want to make these references. I agree with Adam when he stated, “Drugs were not that big of a deal back then, as it is now.” I believe that is true. Drugs have the same effect on people now as they did back in Carrolls time. So it is very possible that Carroll might have been warning Alice of what may come in her life as she gets older.

  3. first of all the video made me laugh, due to the bad acting and bad visual effects. I think you bring up a good point with the food references. It’s always funny to see a person in a bad mood because of food smelling bad, and then seeing them in a good mood when the food smells good. I think this is what Carroll wanted to portray with the Duchess. As for the real question, I like the idea of the book being a story about a little girl who encounters drugs and atrocities that could be committed in our world. I believe that drugs were not that big of deal back then, as it is now. It seems like it wouldn’t have that much of an impact of the game of life back then as it does now.

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