Posted by: Derek_M | December 2, 2009

The Tale of the Mighty Mocking Turtle

It all began when the Queen asked Alice if she had heard of Mock Turtle Soup. Alice had not heard of the soup. What Mock Turtle Soup really is consists of veal and a green broth. In Wonderland, Mock Turtles really exist, and this particular Mock Turtle likes to tell stories although they seem to be lies due to his countless alterations of his story to fit his client. His contradictions are obvious as proven in the following text:

“Ive been to day-school, too,” said Alice. “You needn’t be so proud as all that.” “With extras?” asked the Mock Turtle, a little anxiously. “Yes,” said Alice “we learned French and music.” “And washing?” said the Mock Turtle. “Certainly not!” said Alice indignantly.”Ah! Then yours wasn’t a really good school,” said the Mock Turtle in a tone of great relief.

His constant contradictions to his story make a quite interesting conversation. While a child may pass of the idea of the Mock Turtle lying and being strange like the rest of the creatures in Wonderland, an adult would notice the words I bolded to show that he was lying. In Wonderland the Mock Turtle is a figure of great envy and awe. Was Carroll making fun of the heroes of the modern day world, saying that they constantly lie to make their story sound more appealing? Or was it just a coincidence that one of the revered figures in Wonderland put the Mock Turtle on a throne, so to speak? I believe that nothing is a coincidence, but that everything has a purpose. All of the influential characters in the book have their faults. Maybe another point to make is that all people have their faults. The Mock Turtle incessantly lies, whereas the Mad Hatter is insane and the Duchess has constant mood swings. Everyone has their faults and that could be a life lesson that Carroll tried to portray to the real Alice Liddell through interesting characters.

I find it amusing that I continue to bring up characters being on a throne. All it means is that they are an important and influential character in the minds of those in Wonderland or to Carroll himself. You can link back to my blog The Crazy Caterpillar to find more evidence on my suspected focus on ‘throning’ or tangential references between my blogs.

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