Posted by: Derek_M | December 3, 2009

A ‘Wordle’ful Experience

please click on the picture to see a larger version


As I was sitting in Mr. Long’s classroom in fifth period today, he had a cool tool for us to try. We found a website called allows you to post a large amount of text or the url to a website and it makes a ‘word cloud’ for you. What is interesting are the bigger words versus the smaller words. In the Wordle above, I used the text from all of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and input it in the text box.

Out came the interesting work of art. Emma, Devon, and Susie were here to share this enlightenment with me.

My subject to ponder is why some words are bigger than others. My suspicion is that the more that the word is used, the bigger the word becomes. My ‘Wordles’ confirm my suspicion as I see the other people sitting beside me with their wonderful creation. Mr Long wanted us to create a blog on this idea, so here I am.

Another question to ask is why some words have been used so often and we would never guess what words would be the most popular. For example, the word rabbit is very small. I would have thought that the rabbit would be mentioned constantly. I was wrong. Another surprising word that was popular was the word ‘Queen’. Although she plays a major role, she is not that important of a role until chapter eight. I would have thought that the rabbit or the Cheshire cat would be mentioned more. Honestly, the Queen probably was a more major role in the book, but it seems like we focus constantly on our favorite parts of the book.

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  1. What do you think the significant words were that appeared largest in your Wordle? Do any of them surprise you or add to your understanding of the book?

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