Posted by: Brittany M | December 3, 2009

Analization of the Analyzers

Over the past couple weeks I have noticed that on many of our blogs we have brought up how the book is over analyzed and ought to be left alone and read for enjoyment and escape. I was commenting on a blog last night that brought up that idea when BAM! It hit me, we are doing the exact same thing.

While we all love to complain about how everyone is trying to make deeper meanings from Carroll’s rhymes and riddles, we are doing the exact same thing on our posts. So yes while it may seem as an annoyance of all the different opinions and conclusions people receive from reading Alice, we must not complain because as a class we are doing the same thing that all of these famous people have done before us.  The only difference is that ours is not as popular yet.

In the end I believe that the amount of analysis a piece of writing receives should amount to be a good thing.  It helps show how many people have taken an interest in the story and actually taken time out to read, think, and put their ideas to action. So by reading all the different thoughts of Alice and her mystery land I think it just helps to show how much of a classic this story is and that it will constantly be revived for hopefully many more decades. It is a classic story that deserves to be taken apart and thought about, not forgotten like some boring bedtime story. So yes we may curse the over analyzers who may have torn this story apart for us, but in the end we have become those same critics.



  1. Haha Brittany I think I would like to analyze you analyzing the analyzers 🙂 I think it’s just normal and somewhat forced. Our job is to investigate this story. What’s fun about plot summary and cookie cutter blogs? Analyzing helps us discover new things. Sure, OVER-analyzing gets old very quickly but just sitting there hearing the story and not really absorbing it is boring too. We can’t just sit here idley. We must become apart of the story and to do this we need to…you guessed it ANALYZE!!! 🙂

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