Posted by: Derek_M | December 3, 2009

Captain Crunch Time. 2 Days to Go.

When I first encountered the Alice Project, I sought for it to be the best blog out there: to have all of the details perfect and to do it my way.

Fortunately, I had a reality check.

I realized that all of my goals were not attainable considering the work load that I have, as well as the sheer amount of time that has gone into this process. The Alice Project has opened my eyes to the logical and reasonable goals that one can have when presented a large project. My teammates have been part of that reality check because they make you realize that there is more than one way to do a project well. Some may be more artistic and others may be less opinionated, but in the end we all can come together to put out something that we are proud of.

The Alice Project has been an interesting and insightful experience that allows me to escape to another world not bound by the rules of the modern day world. The references to the modern day world, however, are endless. I really appreciate all the time and the work that everyone has put out there. At this point, there is no best blog. All of them have amazing content and I am enthralled at all we have been able to accomplish down the rabbit hole.

My favorite character in the book had to be the Duchess. Her constantly shifting mood leaves me wanting more. Her presence in Alice’s journey also gives a young girl some insight on the subject of morality. The Duchess can be crude, yet polite. Her grace allowed Alice to continue her journey throughout Wonderland when she disappeared in chapter nine. She was taken to be executed, instead of Alice, showing her true colors. Although, someone’s first impression may not be the best, you can never discount them. They may surprise you.

More information on the Duchess, my favorite character, can be found on my blogs:

What Ever Happened to the Duchess? & Peppered Bacon: The Reality of Chapter Six

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