Posted by: Kyle M. | December 3, 2009

CoverItLive Impressions

Considering the fact that we couldn’t feasibly organize ourselves to hold the chat after school, and that our time-frame was limited to the duration of second period, I’d label our CoverItLive chat as a relative success.

I’ll confess that the conversation was a little ‘safe’ and not as candid as I’d have prefered. Regardless, it certainly revealed aspects of my comrades’ tastes that I wasn’t yet aware of. It brings a smile to my face that my three favorite characters were the only ones present in the entirety of the answers. I strongly feel that the majority of people who actually read the story would choose either the Cheshire Cat, the Dodo, or the Duchess (Maybe the Queen too) as the best characters (despite the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit being more prevalent in popular culture, sans perhaps the aforementioned feline). Several of my favorite scenes were also shown to be the same as my teammates’; the Tea Party is fantastic, utterly bizarre material.

I am a tad surprised (not dissapointed, however) that no one else shared my ‘most memorable’ part of the project. Perhaps I’m being a bit delusional in thinking this site (Along with the other projects, of course) may become a renown database of information and analysis on the novel. It’s a remote possibility, sure, but the fact that the chance exists at all makes me giddy to an extent. Grades aside, if at least one person learns something about the book that they didn’t know, or gains a new perspective on a certain sequence…this will all have been worth it.

On a somewhat related note, CoverItLive‘s a great tool.

The fact that it’s a recorded, typing-based conversation brings in the best of both worlds of communication. If it was simply a typed “I.M.” chat, grammar would likely have been thrown out the window in favor of quick acronyms and emote-icons (I’m too out of the loop to know if that’s how it’s spelled). Conversely, if it was a recorded voice conversation, we’d likely have become a tad nervous, and wouldn’t have had enough time to truly think through our responses without plauging our speech with myriad “umms” and “uhhs”. I’m shocked that I’ve never heard of CoverItLive until partaking in this class; it’s incredibly useful.

All in all, a fruitful learning exercising; I look forward to utilizing CoverItLive in the future.


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