Posted by: Brittany M | December 3, 2009

Dream of a Lifetime

Alice’s dream is definitely a rarity that comes along only once or twice in a lifetime ,but was it big enough for her to remember it for the rest of her life? It is such an extraordinary story that many of us remember our whole lives , but will Alice remember?

I personally know that I often forget my dreams as soon as I wake up no matter how amazing they may have been. I try and try to remember , but more than likely I come up short and remember nothing of what I dreamed except for the way it made me feel. You would think that with a dream like Alice’s it would be unforgettable ,but what if Alice did forget? How terrible of a thing to forget a dream such as hers and all the things which she got to experience. So with this and hopes that she would have never forgotten her dream because I can honestly say that this is the dream of a lifetime that no one  should forget and it would be a shame if they do.


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