Posted by: Angela W. | December 3, 2009


Today in class, my group and I were doing a CoverItLive session, and a question was asked about who our favorite character was.

This took time to ponder over.

I came to find out that my favorite character is the Duchess. Why do you ask? Well, even though the Duchess is described as very ugly, she is still a Duchess. Whenever I hear the word duchess, the word ‘pretty’ usually comes to my mind. A Duchess is a wife or widow of a duke. I think that the fact she is so ugly gives the word Duchess a whole new meaning for me. This represents the fact that you don’t have to be beautiful to be in the upper class or have the title of a Duchess.

Later on, the Duchess has got this new idea that everything has a moral only if you can find it. Even though I do not agree with her statement, I think it makes her happy. To me, happiness is the key point in life and whatever makes her happy is fine. It is also a very different outlook on life and how people see the world. I love different people that have different views from everyone else. This is why I believe the Duchess is my favorite character.

What is yours? And Why?


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