Posted by: Derek_M | December 3, 2009

Immortality: At It’s Best

Our Alice Project, is not over yet, but it is immortal. Our cause was just not another project, but more of guide for future generations to be able to have access to our information. Kyle explained this fact in Cover it Live below:

While the process isn’t quite over with, I predict that the aspect of this project that I’ll carry with me the longest is the fact that people around the world will have access to our work. It makes the project feel less like an assignment and more like a service; the prospect of people venturing to our site seeking knowledge of the story, and hopefully understanding the text better has been largely the driving force behind my contributions. It’s as if we’re writing something important; something immortal.

I completely and totally agree with Kyle.

The driving force behind this project may have been to please ourselves and our teacher with this project, but Kyle got me thinking. The true driving force behind this project really is the cause. We are helping so many others with this blog. It is almost overwhelming. We need to do our best, so that others that have access to this information will have a valuable resource. If I had access to these blogs, they would be my primary resource to analyze Alice. Everyone thinks differently, therefore everyone views the book in different ways.

I believe that once our blogs are not able to be published on after tomorrow, we all will be proud of the work we have done to analyze Alice. We have worked nonstop to make sure that this project is meaningful, not only to us, but to others as well. A shout out to my team for working so hard to make our blog the best it could be. And props to Kyle for thinking of this project as immortal. It allows me to continue all the way to the finish line.

We have accomplished our short term goal, but the end is not in sight. Our cause is immortal, and I’m sure we have inspired others to do such a project. As for right now, when we turn in this project for our ‘grade’ the satisfaction will overwhelm all of our effort. We worked for this cause and we are almost through our journey through Wonderland.


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