Posted by: Angela W. | December 3, 2009

It Is Not the End

As this project comes to an end, I realized that I will miss this project.

This project is so unique and I have never done anything like it. This will always be remembered by me. During this project, I was paired up with people I have never been partnered with before. This project taught me teamwork and communication. I really enjoyed the group I was in as I got to know them and their writing style. I also learned a lot about technology during this five week process.

It will be strange to me walking into the English room and not pulling out a laptop and work all class period. I sort of forgot how this class was without this project. Even though this project caused a lot of stress and many restless nights, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed learning all about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Without this project I would of probably never had the drive to go figure out all of the things I know now about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

As the Alice journey ends in Wonderland, mine does not.

After having this project, I will not be able to go back to my thought process before. I just have added to my thought process. I know read and actually analyze almost everything. I think more about life and pose questions about how and why. Even after this project ends, I don’t think it will end totally for me. I am still allowed to post blogs and comment…

…and I will.



  1. I wonder if you’ll feel like continuing to blog on your reading somewhere else?

  2. I too will miss this project. I feel that I was able to bond with my team and that this was an interesting chance to learn more about a
    childrens books. And I agree with your point about not being able to go back to the same thought process. When I was writing my in class essay I realized i was doing it like a blog. I will miss this project.

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