Posted by: Angela W. | December 3, 2009

Mr. Long vs. Cheshire Cat

Mr. Long vs. Cheshire Cat:  Let me describe both of them before I can tell you their similarities.

Mr. Long is my English teacher. He is like no other teacher or person I have ever met.

  • First, his lights are always off in his classroom. He has a few lamps on and the rest of the light comes from the sun depending on the day. He has many other previous students’ projects all over his room and things related to it. Like a miniature Frankenstein holding a candy bowl, which goes along with his Frankenstein project.
  • Mr. Long also has a unique way of saying things. The way he says things, it is mysterious in a way. He smiles and winks after a lot of things he does say.
  • He also is always very helpful, and is always willing to help a student. I can’t imagine how late he stays up every night working on all the work he gives us.
  • Mr. Long also has an interesting taste in music. He plays it when we are working on this project. Most of these songs, I have never heard before in my life, but it is interesting.
  • He also has an interesting sense of fashion. Everything always matches and is coordinated. Today, he happens to be wearing a light purple shirt and a dark purle tie(wink wink) It is fate.

Now the Cheshire cat is also purple.

  • He is purple striped with light and dark.
  • The Cheshire cat is also very helpful throughout the story.
  • He always guides Alice through Wonderland and seems happy to do it.
  • The Cheshire cat always has a smile on.
  • It is sort of creepy the way the cat always disappears and appears randomly.
  • This character is the most ‘mad’ out of all of them, I think. I find the cat to be very mysterious.

Now, for some reason the Cheshire cat and Mr. long are very alike to me. They both are mysterious and interesting people. They both have that smile on there faces, like they know something we don’t. The way they both talk is alike as well. Mr. Long and the cat both have very interesting ideas and ways of saying it.

Do you find them to be similar?



  1. Hello! My name is Theresa, and I am an online high school English teacher. I came across your project while researching student blogging projects. You all did a fantastic job. Your team’s blog caught my eye as I enjoyed your character comparisons and personal reflections. Check out my review of your project on my blog, Reading and Writing Online! Thanks for sharing with the online world!

    • Theresa: I’m extremely flattered by your comment and related blog post about this project that we ran 6 years ago. All of these 10th students have graduated (many from college already) and I stopped teaching after that 2009-10 school year. I’m just glad that your comment was sent to an old email address that I still have. Please look for a note coming to you directly. Cheers, Christian Long

  2. What a great comparison, favorable of both and demonstrating the intriguing aspects of both.

  3. I love the comparison! Perhaps this is why Mr. Long is always quoting the Chesire-Cat! I agree with you that they both have a unique way of stating their point, while still being very helpful. Sometimes it is very frustrating, but it is what makes Mr. Long, Mr. Long. I just hope Mr. Long doesn’t start wearing striped, purple shirts!

  4. Angela, do you consider the Cheshire Cat a guide or a trickster? Does he help Alice on her journey or distract and confuse her?

    Are the best journeys the most direct ones?

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