Posted by: Brittany M | December 3, 2009

The End or The Beginning?

My group has all come to different conclusions as to whether this is the end of Alice or if Alice is something that will never die.

I say it is both. Alice may die to some of us after all the analyzing of her dream and character ,but to others it is just the beginning of our relationship with Alice. The  actual story will never die of course but just like imaginary friends, all things eventually fade away and are forgotten.

Some of us will probably never read this book again or want to talk about Alice’s adventure down the rabbit hole again. After reading and talking about the story so much it is understandable to become burned out and tired of the story. We have all discussed the rabbit, the morals, and the Duchess more than we would have ever imagined when we were watching the Disney film as children. Some students would not have a care if they never spoke of this story again ,but others, such as myself, have combined it into our own world and reality.

So yes, while some may never wish to speak of this story again, others have embraced it and brought it into life. We have compared instances of the story to events in our own lives and have brought Alice to life. She will be discovered more by some and still brought up into daily conversations and Facebook status’. Just as we have brought Lord of the Flies to life, we have done the same to Alice.

So this is my addition to what appears to be a theme topic to my group of , is this the end? or are we just beginning something. I say we are just beginning but it is up to each of us to keep Alice going and alive in society.



  1. You’re right! When we invest this much time and effort into something there is no way that we could not be affected by it. The more time and effort we put into something the more it affects everything in our daily lives and our normal thought. Subconsciously we make allusions and references to several of these things now. For example, when certain people dress up for Halloween as a “Lord of the Flies” etc. This is a good point, something we try so much on will affect us in a very profound way. Congratulations.

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