Posted by: Derek_M | December 3, 2009

The Legacy Continues…Or Does It?

As my final entry I wanted to discuss Carroll’s legacy. It all starts with a few lines from my comment on Deron’s Post: Back In Ye Olde Days

Carroll’s connection may never be lost because of his subjects in the story. The characters are too easily represented in society. The madness and insanity will continue, just as Carroll’s book will continue to gain popularity because we are a society who likes to find the ‘wrongdoings’ of authors. Carroll has plenty of jokes to satisfy anyone’s need, if they analyze it correctly.

To me, Alice will never lose it’s popularity. As Deron mentions that it will continue to lose popularity because of the differences in the posterity of the human race. It seems that as the years go by, the generations become more loosely controlled. Society becomes less regimented and on the surface comes the discontinuation of books. However, when you go deeper into the book, you realize the innuendos that Carroll is trying to portray. His constant jokes in a  whimsical setting, keep the reader wanting more. Once the analysis goes deep enough, it seems like every line is making fun of someone or something. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has become a book for the adult world and less of a children’s book. As Alice makes it’s way into the adult world, the more it becomes recognized. For example, the darker and less appropriate version of Alice has been transformed into a demented video game and movie that is coming out very soon. I would like to see all of the political jokes and interfacing tones in the new movie with Tim Burton’s genius.

Analysis over Alice will never come to an end because our society likes to find the problems with books. It is assumed that the author made all of these political references and societal remarks, when it is possibly just how the generations change.

Will Alice continue on it’s ever increasing popularity, or will it start a spiraling effect , never to be again picked up out of the rabbit hole?

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