Posted by: Kyle M. | December 3, 2009

This is the End, Beautiful Friend

This toilsome yet entertaining, tasking albeit rewarding emotional roller coaster ride appears to have at last arrived at an ending.

There were hurdles (attempting to find a WordPress theme that would work with the banner we wanted to upload) coupled with the highest of peaks (accomplishing the aforementioned task felt like a breath of fresh air). It was unlike any other project that I (and I suspect my classmates) have ever undertaken. Earlier in the year, we all contributed various replies to the blogs created by our teacher, but devising our own blog, largely free of outside intervention or guidance, was an utterly different beast.

At the beginning, I’d surmise that we were all confident that as long as we maintained our integrity and writing quality, this project would be ‘in the bag.’

However, with a due date that loomed so far in the distance that it almost became invisible, the blog soon became the ultimate exercise in responsibility. There was no immediate reprimand for not waiting until the last several hours to churn out one’s first blog post; such a long leash was quite intimidating, to put it mildly.

It definitely threw me for a loop; before I was aware of it, the last week was rapidly encroaching, and the majority of my work wound up being produced in that brief period. Being somewhat of a procrastinator, this project was a rude awakening; while I managed to finish in ample time, it certainly wasn’t awfully generous to my sleep habits to cram in such a fashion. If I’m to pursue my desired career in the writing field, that sort of behavior will not be acceptable; thanks to this project, I doubt I’ll put my responsibilities off so far into the future.

So, in a sense, this project really isn’t over.

Of course, it is in the literal sense; but if one is to view it as merely the introduction, the ‘first chapter’ to the world of adulthood, it’s only just begun. Valuable lessons in the following categories, applicable to ALL careers, have been garnered by myself, my team, and the entire tenth grade English class: teamwork, responsibility, and integrity. These virtues will be cherished for as long as we live, along with our memories of Alice and her ventures in Wonderland.

Because, in the final analysis, what makes a story? Is it the entertainment value, the sharpness of the prose…or is enhancing one’s real life the most important role a story can fulfill? Again, I’ll leave the objective answer to that query to the philosophers and literary critics; what’s for certain, though, is that this project and Lewis Carroll’s book have opened my mind. That, in my opinion, is the crowning achievement of any piece of literature, opportunity, or adventure.

I’d like to thank Carroll, my team, and my school for this incredible experience.

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  1. But this is not the end, beautiful friend. Your teacher has sent you down the rabbit hole, and there is no way out. This experience has forever changed your life and your way of thinking, whether you know it yet or not.

    Mr. Long is the rabbit. How I wish he could have been my rabbit, too.

  2. “Valuable lessons in the following categories, applicable to ALL careers, have been garnered by myself, my team, and the entire tenth grade English class: teamwork, responsibility, and integrity. ”
    If you live your life by only those three words you’ll do well.

    “I’d like to thank Carroll, my team, and my school for this incredible experience.”
    I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

    Your title, I’m assuming, referenced the Doors lyrics:

    “This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end”

    If there is anyone who loved symbolism, it was Jim Morrison.

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