Posted by: Brittany M | December 3, 2009


There has been much talk about what makes Alice so popular amongst young children of both genders. I think it is the fact that Alice is truly a unique young girl. People love to listen to stories that are easy to relate to and not altogether impossible and perfect all the time. Life is not perfect therefore not all fairy tales should be perfect. Alice is unique in that she is one of the few young girl figures of stories for young girls who is not a princess or comes from family problems. Just like the name Bobo, which is an African baby boy’s name, Alice is unique compared to the others. She is easy to relate to both boys and girls because she is not a princess and the story does not turn into some sappy love story that ends happily ever after , because guess what?

That is a lie.

Alice is a typical little girl spending time with her sister who falls into an exotic dream where she can escape all her worries, and she brings you along with her. Cinderella has her mice and Pocahontas has Grandmother Willow, but Alice just brings you along. It is much easier to become wrapped up in something that is actually possible as opposed to the typical love story that usually leaves you teary eyed and on the couch with a gallon of Blue Bell handy, leaving you lusting after your prince charming. In the end, Alice is just a unique, relatable young woman and often that is all people really want. They want to know they are not alone in their struggles and worries and that everyone has their own form of escape.



  1. Excellent! You have great points throughout here, except that I’m not looking for my prince charming, although a princess would be nice (although Blue Bell is really good).

    Happy endings aren’t lies, they just are unrealistic because no marraige is perfect. We’re all human, we all get grumpy, we all argue, we all make up when all is said and done.

    You are absolutely right in that we all want someone to relate to, and that we find that in Alice. Other times we want someone to live through superfluously like our favorite protagonist prince or princess. Each fulfills seperate desires we all have to number one, never be alone, or two be something that we think is better than we are.

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