Posted by: Angela W. | December 3, 2009

What Will All This Madness Become?

What will Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland be in 50 years? 80? 100?

These are questions I cannot answer, but I can give you my thought.

I know when I was a child, I loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but didn’t everyone? I’m not sure why I liked it or what attracted me to it. Maybe it was the fact that everyone watched it and usually people seem to hang in crowds these days. Maybe it is one of those movies that our parents watched when they were young and just wanted their children to see it as well.

I wonder if the little children of today and the future will have the discoveries that I did. I wonder if Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will be so criticized and warn out 50 years from now that no one will watch it. I sure hope this story doesn’t disappear. It will probably not because of the great amount it has been talked about. If kids in the future do end up watching this movies, will what they like about it be different than from what we liked about it? Possibly, because I’m sure 50 years down the road from now, life will be a little bit different. We will have new inventions and more technology. My feeling is that kids of the future will be bored with Alice in Wonderland. I feel like they won’t watch movies anymore.

But honestly, I have no idea. I guess I have to wait until I have grandchildren to find out.



  1. I believe that anything that survives over a hundred years will survive as long as the human race does (and yes I am referring to pop culture). I don’t think that future generations will ever get “bored” with Alice. I think what is more likely is that the age group it’s shown to is changed. For example back when Alice was written it was designed for kids at the ages of 8-12 however here are 15 and 16 year olds sitting at our desks thoroughly enjoying Alice. Maybe a hundred years from now it will be read by Seniors in collage. As I said I don’t think the classics will ever die, but they may fade out at some points. But in the end people will forever hear the tale of a white rabbit, and a little girl.

  2. Well, maybe they won’t watch or read anything Alice-related because it has been so analyzed. They could see or read anything and know the reason why Carroll wrote it, or it’s point in the story. They might be able to pick Carroll’s perfect little fairytale to pieces because of the use and analyzing that we all do today. Even we are guilty of this crime-if it ever comes true. Honestly, I hope that it doesn’t and Carroll’s reasons/secrets are kept hidden from us. I mean, after all, it is a children’s story-a classic one at that. It would be ashame for people to forget about it or not want to read it.

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