Posted by: Angela W. | December 3, 2009

Where is our Wonderland?

After finishing the book, I began to wonder…

  • Why would Carroll have a rabbit hole be the location of Alice’s Wonderland?
  • What and where is Wonderland?

Carroll probably had Wonderland be a rabbit hole because he needed a way for Alice to find her way to Wonderland. There could have been many other ways to transition to Wonderland, so why a rabbit hole?

What is a Wonderland?

In my eyes, a Wonderland is a place where only you can be and you are able to expand your thoughts, imagination, and ask questions; basically, you’re able to wonder. Everyone needs that place to get away and just let their mind think. Carroll’s version of Wonderland is a bit different. He has talking animals and strange people in this Wonderland. But, this is also Alice’s Wonderland. Alice being a young girl, probably did wonder about talking animals and that is why they would be in her Wonderland.

But how do you find Wonderland?

Obviously, we could not just jump down a rabbit hole and expect to find our own Wonderland. We need to search for it, but how? This answer is to simply wonder. Wonder about life and the experiences it’s filled with, about how or why they happened. We need to stop just accepting all the things that happen in life and actually acknowledge them.

Let your minds expand and you could possibly end up in your own Wonderland.



  1. You wrote: “In my eyes, a Wonderland is a place where only you can be and you are able to expand your thoughts, imagination, and ask questions; basically, you’re able to wonder. ”

    Sometimes I wonder if Carroll put Alice in Wonderland so she COULD wonder. She seems like such a practical child. Perhaps mixing up her world will cause her to be more imaginative or embrace all the differences in the world?

    I do agree that we all need to free ourselves to wonder about things, and not be confined so much by how things “should be.”

  2. Yes where is Alice’s wonderland. When does she begin to dream? She falls down a rabbit hole to find wonderland, but somehow it was all a dream. How do we find our own wonderland? Well maybe that is why Alice’s Wonderland ended in a dream. Maybe our wonderland exists in our own dreams. Maybe Alice had dreamed of all those things and decided to tell Carroll about them, who then put the dreams into a book.

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